suzuki takayuki

suzukitakayuki/スズキ タカユキ



The clothes should not only be all about trends but individuality.

suzuki’s approach to designing is to cherish 
every moment during the life of a garment ‐

particularly finding a new side of it, 
even if its totally worn out.
beauty must be found in

dirty objects like torn out flowers or abandoned buildings should be seen as

this appreciation give clothes a life and warmness of a human touch. 
The concept

of men’s line-up is “time and elapse”. 
It proposes high quality work clothes combining

experimental approach and realism.






スズキタカユキ/Suzuki Takayuki



2002-03A/Wから suzuki takayukiとして自身ブランドを立ち上げる。


Takayuki Suzuki was born in Aichi in 1975.

While he was attending Tokyo Zokei University,

majoring in graphic design,

he had an opportunity to hold an exhibition with his friends

where he made art clothing for the first time.

This experience inspired him to pursue his career as a costume designer.

After graduating from the university,

he made “one-of-a-kind” art clothing

which were sold in art galleries and also designed costumes for theaters,

films and musicians. In 2002, he started his own brand,

suzuki takayuki for the ’02-’03 Autumn/Winter collection.

In 2007, he made his runway debut for the ’07-’08 Autumn/Winter collection.